Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LAKE sings "Lonesome Valley"

LAKE: Lonesome Valley

While on tour this past fall, we (LAKE- Andrew Dorsett, Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore, Markly Morrison, Adam Oelsner, Lindsay Schief) stayed in our friend Pat's new house. Pat hasn't moved in yet, but his dad Bill McHale was there doing some handy work. This house is more of a museum. It's filled with relics from about a century ago, from creepy porcelain dolls to rusty machinery, down to a nice old upright piano and a pump organ. About 15 minutes after we woke up, we got together and sang this song. We added a few verses, and took turns on soloing the first line of the tune. Bill sings all the choruses with us and Karl Blau. The session starts outside in the rain and slowly moves into the museum.

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